5 Things You Didn't Know About Digital Factory's Micro-Fencing™

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  • by: Gabriel B. Nóbrega

1. Micro-Fencing™ is an app enhancer, not an app itself

The Micro-Fencing™ services offered by Digital Factory are plugged into the client's app. This way, your customers only need to have your business' app, and not download a new one.

This feature does not affect the app's user interface or any other technology it has. This allows the business to gather all the insights and data it wants without affecting its consumers' experience.


2. Micro-fences customized for your audience

The shapes and sizes of each micro-fence can be customized based on the client's objectives. The geo-fences can be as small as a street corner or as large as a city. This opens a variety of strategies our clients can choose from.


3. Micro-fencing within a micro-fence

Our algorithm allows us to create geo-fences within a geo-fence. This feature optimizes the accuracy of the notifications delivered, consequently enhancing the communication between brands and its customers.


4. The Present™ Dashboard

Along with Micro-Fencing™, we also provide the Present™ dashboard. This performance page gathers all the data and insights from user activity that businesses can use to modify their marketing strategy. With this feature, you can see the results of your marketing campaign, understand your customers' behavior and even conduct A/B testing.


5. Micro-Fencing™ is a patented technology

The patent granted to our Micro-Fencing™ technology gives Digital Factory the exclusive right to use it commercially. Therefore, Micro-Fencing™ cannot be commercially made, used, distributed, imported or sold by others without our consent.


Do you want to learn more about Micro-Fencing™ and the other services we offer? Check out dgtl-factory.com or contact us at contact@dgtl-factory.com!

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