Don't Get Stuck In The Past, Stay Up to Date With Present

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  • by: Charles Good

Our patented technology Present™ allows you to display collected user data and take a deeper look into consumer analytics. The primary page buttons are,  Performance, Audience, Distribution, Notifications, and Calendar. The performance is displayed on a yearly calendar and provides real-time analytics. The Account settings button allows you to adjust certain variables of your target audience, set notifications, micro-fences, engagement time, engagement locations, and frequency to increase conversion. 


The audience page is where you will be able to discover your brand's three main consumer targets. There are three figures that represent each of the main target groups, with the ability to switch between them to see the data for each audience group. On both sides of the target, there are analytics gathered from DWELL™ which depict the user's day-to-day journey in real-time. 


The distributions page shows where all the fences are and how target audiences are performing around them. It also shows where micro-fences are distributed, their size, and their active time.